Gamble on Some Great Authors

Often readers tend to make angels or demons out of their favorite authors. But most authors, like the rest of us, lived right in the middle. Others had periods where they were more on the angel side or more on the demon side. Their attraction to the opposite is what makes them so interesting to read and talk to. I think this is also a major part of their empathy; they can understand dueling compulsions because they have experienced both sides themselves. You can tell the difference between an author who is only pretending to know about temptation and those for whom the dark calling is a daily reality.

We might think of one of the greatest “angels” of literature, Fyodor Dostoevsky. I’ve been reading about his life, and he seemed to be torn between two great loves; his Russian Orthodox faith, and gambling. 

Dostoevsky the Gambler

Those who know Dostevsky’s entire oeuvre won’t be surprised to read this. He did, after all, write a novella called “The Gambler.” Still, gambling is a major theme in many of his other works, even the great Brothers Karamazov. If you’re looking to see what Dostevsky is so excited about, has a lot of information about games and guides. It’s yet to make me write like the great Dostoevsky, but I can see what he’s on about with gambling!

16 Jan 2020